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About Yao

Personal Description


I think......I am thoughtful, talkative (in a good way ;)), optimistic, enthusiastic, outgoing and easygoing. mm.....maybe funny sometimes? ;)  too good to be true, right ?:P If you like me, you just like who I am.  


Learning something new and explore different things - that's why I like doing Research 

Travelling - I love exploring the world and see different cultures!! 

Reading - so I don't need to travel when I'm really lazy 

Sports(Basketball, swimming, esp. Tennis - I've been playing tennis for over 10 years - I am a weak USTA computer-rated 5.0 player ) 

Outdoor activities - hiking sounds good.  

Talk - that's why l like to teach :P), 


Always optimistic. 

Types of People I enjoy

Just like me.

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