About Yao

Hello! I'm Dr. Yao-Jan Wu, but feel free to just call me Yao. Welcome to my website, if you don't know me here are just a few things to paint of picture of the kind of person I am. I am enthusiastic, talkative, outgoing. I am always happy to learn new things which is why I am so passionate about research. 


Some of my interests include travelling the world and seeing different cultures, reading, sports like basket basketball, swimming, and tennis (I've been playing tennis for over 10 years! I am a weak USTA computer-rated 5.0 player). I have also been known to enjoy a good hike from time to time.

My philosophy is to always be optimistic, if any of this sounds similar to you, there's a good chance we will get along :) Feel free to contact me using any of the info at the bottom of this website!